Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting in Real Estate

We help our client make Investments decisions by assessing their personal or business needs in long term. Discussion could involve some of following but not limited to

  • Active Investment/Business (Self work involved)
  • Passive Investment(Income producing properties or Land)
  • Personal profile –Business or Job, Income, Family members
  • Range of Investment (10K to 10Million)
  • Risk Capacity
  • Build New Assets
  • Acquire Existing Assets
  • Options in Residential Investments
  • Options in Commercial Investment
  • Options in Franchise Business
  • Timing of Investment
  • Understanding Tax Savings through Real Estate Investments
  • Exit strategy from Passive or Active Investments- How and When
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Retirement Planning with respect to Real Estate Investments
  • Market Effects on Past and Future Investments
  • Marketing of Existing Business
  • Loan Needs for Investments
  • Challenges in Different Businesses and Investments
  • Building Business Network

Who is our client?

  • Anyone who wants to build wealth for present and future.

How much cash needed to be our client?

  • You will need will and determination to be wealthy. We will map the path and timing together with options as per your needs and resources.

We Help Our Clients with Opinions on Personal Residence

  • Should you sell or rent, if yes when, how.
  • Should you extend existing property. If yes, by how much.
  • HOA related questions.
  • Give second opinion on Buying Price, Listing price, Negotiations, Repairs
  • Any Other Related Questions.

How do we charge for consulting?

  • Please contact us for detail

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