Land is valuable. Its value and importance makes it a very sensitive asset to acquire. This being the case, you should be careful and take all the necessary steps to ensure that you get a good and legitimate deal. Below is a summary of the basic steps to take before you become a land owner.

Identify the land

People use different features in identifying the land they intend to purchase. These include the location, price, topography and population among others.

Conduct a search at the lands registry

After identification, one should conduct a search to prove the legitimacy of the land and also to know the real owner(s). At this stage, you will need a copy of the title deed from the seller.

Conduct a second search at the county office

The county office search gives details on the rates and whether the payments are up to date.

Get two land maps (for the specific plot, for the whole area)

Each of these maps cost. They can be obtained from a surveyor or in the Ministry of Lands. The difference between the two maps is that one of them is drawn to scale for the specific piece of land while the other is an area map.

Site visit/ verification of the land

At this stage you will need to visit the land. You should be accompanied by the owner/ seller and preferably a surveyor.

Sale agreement

If satisfied, you should sign a sales agreement. If possible, you should have a lawyer. The sales agreement should include all the details of the land.

Clearance by the Land Control Board

This board is made up of county commissioners and village elders. The purpose of this board is to ensure that there will be no dispute between the family of the seller and the buyer after the sale of the land.


At this point the payments ought to have been made. The new owner should carry all the clearance certificates, KRA pin certificate and passport photos. This process of getting a new title should take two weeks.


The stamping should be done after the government has valued the land. The value of the land may not be the buying price. The value dictates the stamp duty. The stamp duty also varies depending on the location of the land i.e. urban or rural area.

When dealing with a real estate company like us this process is shorter because all the necessary documents have been acquired for you.