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Chaal Baaz - Paresh Rawal (Play)
Previous Events > Chaal Baaz - Paresh Rawal (Play)
The play revolves around an alcoholic has-been film director, Adanwalla (Jayesh Kumar Barbahaya) saved from an accident by an out of work petty crook Subhash Sharma played by Paresh Rawal, who is hired by the grateful man as his chauffeur. Sharma soon finds himself getting embroiled in intrigue as he meets the director's gold digger wife Mallika (Sunila), his attorney friend Merchant, (played by well-known actor and theater personality Feroze Irani who is actress Aruna Irani's brother) who doesn't mind making a play for Mallika when time and inclination permit.

Rawal, knows just when to pack a punch. A gesture here, an expression there, somehow it all jells so well. The play had everyone at the edge of their seats, and the clever twist at the end had every one gasping. Mark Premji and his team deserve kudos for bringing yet another excellent play to town. For those who didn't see this - you missed a stellar performance from an actor who is not only very gifted himself but put together a team that added to every nuance of the play.
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